Rubi Rose Confesses to Not Writing Her Own Raps

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    Rubi Rose Opens Up About Not Writing Her Own Raps on The Joe Budden Podcast

    Rubi Rose’s honesty about not writing her own raps has sparked a conversation in the hip hop community about the use of ghostwriters. During a recent appearance on The Joe Budden Podcast, the rapper and model admitted that she doesn’t write her own bars, leading to applause from the host and his crew.

    While some may see this as a controversial revelation, Rubi Rose defended her choice by stating that she is happy with her current arrangement and believes that most artists use writers in some capacity. This transparency has earned her praise for her authenticity in an industry where image and credibility are often scrutinized.

    This admission comes in the wake of rumors surrounding Kendrick Lamar allegedly using a ghostwriter for his song “N95.” Despite social media speculation and claims of a demo track by CJ Francis being a reference for K.Dot, Francis himself denied any involvement with the song. The original social media post has since been debunked, with a Reddit thread clarifying the origins of the song and how it came to be.

    Rubi Rose’s candidness about her writing process has shed light on the complexities of the music industry and the blurred lines between authenticity and artistry. Whether or not an artist writes their own lyrics, the most important thing is the impact and connection their music has with listeners.