African American Woman Sues for Civil Rights Violation Regarding Airpods

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    Spelman College Graduate Files $20 Million Lawsuit Against Naperville Police Department for False Accusations

    Amara Harris, a recent graduate of Spelman College, has filed a $20 million civil rights lawsuit against the city of Naperville and two members of the police department after a four-year legal battle over a pair of AirPods she found in high school.

    In 2019, Harris found a pair of AirPods at her high school and mistakenly thought they were hers. When she was informed that they belonged to another student, she immediately turned them in. However, two weeks later, she was accused of stealing the AirPods and was ticketed $100 by Officer Juan Leon of the Naperville Police Department.

    Despite denying the allegations and refusing to pay the fine, Harris was dragged into a lengthy legal battle that only concluded in August 2023. The court ruled in her favor, stating that she did not steal the AirPods and was not required to pay the fine.

    Now, Harris is seeking justice through the civil rights lawsuit, claiming that she was unfairly targeted by the police department, which has a history of disproportionately issuing tickets to students of color for minor infractions. The lawsuit names Officer Juan Leon and Sgt. Jonathan W. Pope as the individuals responsible for accusing her of theft.

    Harris and her mother, Marla Baker, have spoken out about the toll the ordeal has taken on her mental health, with Harris battling depression and anxiety as a result of the false accusations. Despite the challenges she has faced, Harris is determined to seek justice and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.