Lawsuits Filed Against AI Companies Over Metro Boomin’s ‘BBL Drizzy’

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    Metro Boomin’s “BBL Drizzy” Beat Sparks Lawsuits Against AI Companies

    The music industry is buzzing with controversy as Metro Boomin’s “BBL Drizzy” beat, used to diss Drake, has sparked a series of lawsuits against artificial intelligence companies Suno and Udio. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and major record labels Sony Music, Warner Music Group, and Universal Music Group have filed lawsuits alleging copyright infringement.

    Udio created the original song “BBL Drizzy,” which was then sampled by Metro for his diss track. The lawsuit claims that Suno and Udio used copyrighted material owned by the record labels to train their AI models to generate music. The labels’ attorneys argue that this process involved copying decades worth of popular sound recordings to imitate genuine human recordings.

    The lawsuit seeks an injunction against Suno and Udio to stop them from using copyrighted music to train their programs, as well as damages for infractions already committed. Allegations include the AI programs copying producer tags and vocals from various artists, including Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey.

    Suno responded to the lawsuit, stating that their technology is designed to generate new outputs, not regurgitate existing content. The RIAA countered, accusing Udio of stealing artists’ work for profit and emphasizing the importance of getting permission before using someone’s work.

    The music industry is divided on the issue, with artist advocate groups supporting the lawsuits while Udio defends its technology as a tool for new music and musicians. The outcome of these legal battles could have far-reaching implications for the use of AI in music production.