Angela Simmons’ “Angela’s Cakes” Teams Up with Slutty Vegan to Introduce Deep Fried Oreos

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    Pinky Cole-Hayes and Angela Simmons Collaborate for Launch of Vegan Fried Oreos at Slutty Vegan

    The collaboration between Pinky Cole-Hayes and Angela Simmons has once again sparked excitement among foodies and dessert lovers alike. The launch of Vegan Fried Oreos, featuring Simmons’ Angela’s Cakes mix, is set to tantalize taste buds at select Slutty Vegan locations across the United States this summer.

    This limited menu item, available from July to September, marks the second partnership between the two successful entrepreneurs. Angela’s Cakes mix, known for its versatility and vegan-friendly ingredients, will be used to create the delectable Vegan Fried Oreos. The dessert will first be introduced at Slutty Vegan’s New York locations before making its way to Atlanta and other outlets.

    Angela Simmons, a renowned figure in the fashion and culinary world, expressed her excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing the importance of satisfying cravings with delicious vegan options. Pinky Cole-Hayes, the mastermind behind Slutty Vegan’s mouthwatering plant-based burgers, is equally thrilled about the launch of this new menu item.

    With names like Ménage à Trois™ and Hollywood Hooker™, Slutty Vegan has garnered a loyal following of vegans and meat lovers alike. The brand’s success, valued at over $100 million, is a testament to Cole-Hayes’ innovative approach to vegan cuisine.

    As the anticipation builds for the rollout of Vegan Fried Oreos, fans can expect a unique and indulgent dessert experience that combines the best of both worlds – delicious flavors and cruelty-free ingredients. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting collaboration between Pinky Cole-Hayes and Angela Simmons.