Meagan Good Stands Up for Her Relationship with Jonathan Majors

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    Meagan Good Stands Firm in Relationship with Jonathan Majors Despite Criticism

    Meagan Good is not backing down in the face of criticism regarding her relationship with Marvel star Jonathan Majors. Despite the controversy surrounding Majors’ legal troubles, Good is standing by her man and their love.

    The actress recently opened up about her relationship with Majors on the talk show Hoda and Jenna while promoting her new film, Divorce in the Black. Good spoke about the support and love they have for each other, emphasizing the importance of honesty and respect in their relationship.

    Good revealed that despite the advice from those around her to keep their romance private, she ultimately made the decision to go public with their relationship. She explained that she trusts her own instincts and beliefs, and is proud of the choices she has made.

    “I want to be responsible for the choices I make and want to live the life that I want to live,” Good stated. “No matter what happens, I have peace in my heart and harmony in my heart.”

    Despite the challenges they may face, Good is determined to stay true to herself and her relationship with Majors. She is not letting the opinions of others sway her from being happy and living her life on her own terms.