Shaboozey Makes History on Billboard Charts and Reveals Musical Inspirations

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    Shaboozey: The Rising Star Blending Country and Hip-Hop With a Nigerian-American Twist

    Shaboozey: The Rising Star Blending Country and Hip-Hop

    With a Beyonce stamp of approval and his recent No. 1 hit “A Bar Song (Tipsy),” Shaboozey is making waves in the music industry, blending genres like country and hip-hop while staying true to himself. The singer-songwriter, who hails from a Nigerian-American background, credits his diverse musical influences to his upbringing.

    Growing up in Virginia, Shaboozey’s father introduced him to country artists like Kenny Rogers and Garth Brooks, alongside traditional Nigerian music. His time spent in Nigeria attending boarding school also shaped his appreciation for the outdoors and agriculture, which he believes influences his music today.

    Shaboozey’s stage name actually comes from his birth name, Collins Obinna Chibueze, with “Shaboozey” being derived from the last part of his name. He got his start in music during the “Soundcloud Era,” drawing inspiration from rappers like Drake and Joey Bada$$, as well as the DMV rap and hip-hop scene.

    In 2018, Shaboozey signed his first record deal with Republic Records and released his debut album. He later signed with Empire Records in 2021, paving the way for his success in the industry. Despite originally aspiring to be an author, Shaboozey found his calling in music, with his hit single “A Bar Song (Tipsy)” reaching the top of the Hot 100 chart.

    As the first Black man to achieve this feat in country music, Shaboozey is breaking barriers and making history. With his upcoming tour for his third album set to kick off in the fall, fans can expect more groundbreaking music and performances from this rising star.