A few US grocery stores now selling milk, eggs, and bullets with ammo vending machines

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    Automated Ammunition Vending Machines Installed in Grocery Stores in Alabama, Oklahoma, and Texas

    American Rounds, a company based in Texas, has introduced computerized vending machines in grocery stores in Alabama, Oklahoma, and Texas to sell ammunition. These vending machines use identification scanners and facial recognition software to verify the purchaser’s age, making the transactions as secure as possible.

    CEO Grant Magers emphasized that the company is pro-Second Amendment but advocates for responsible gun ownership. However, critics are concerned that selling bullets out of vending machines could lead to an increase in gun violence in the U.S., where at least 33 people were killed by gun violence on Independence Day alone.

    Despite the controversy, the company has already installed several machines in grocery stores and has plans to expand to more locations in the coming weeks. The vending machines require customers to scan their driver’s license to validate their age and identity before completing the purchase.

    While this innovative approach to selling ammunition may be convenient for some customers, others worry about the normalization of gun sales in everyday locations like grocery stores. Advocates for gun safety argue that such technology should be reserved for gun stores, not places where families buy their groceries.

    As the debate continues, American Rounds is determined to provide a convenient and secure way for customers to purchase ammunition. With the rise of gun violence in the country, the company’s efforts to promote responsible gun ownership are more important than ever.