Argentina Soccer Team Mocks Drake Following Win Against Canada

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    Drake Trolled by Argentina Soccer Team After Copa America Victory Over Canada

    Drake Takes Another L as Argentina Soccer Team Trolls Him After Copa America Victory Over Canada

    In a stunning turn of events, Drake found himself on the losing end once again as the Argentinian soccer team trolled him after their victory over Canada in the semifinals of the Copa America. The Argentinian team defeated Canada 2-0, with goals from JuliÑn Álvarez and Lionel Messi, leaving Drake with a bitter taste in his mouth.

    Adding insult to injury, the Argentinian team took to social media to taunt Drake, referencing Kendrick Lamar’s diss track with the words “Not like us, not with us.” They even posted a picture of their celebration with the caption “not like us,” rubbing salt in the wound for the Canadian rapper.

    To make matters worse, Drake had placed a hefty bet of $300,000 on Canada to win the match, a bet that obviously did not pay off. He had even confidently namedropped Messi in his social media posts, only to be left disappointed by the outcome of the game.

    Despite the loss and the trolling, Drake’s fans can look forward to new music from the rapper, as teased by Akademiks. While Drake has faced setbacks in recent days, including the loss of his bet and the trolling by the Argentinian team, he continues to stay active in the music scene with recent collaborations and upcoming projects.