Charlie Wilson Approves of Cell Phones at Concerts as Long as Fans Join in the Fun

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    Busta Rhymes Calls Out Fans at Essence Fest for Being on Phones: Uncle Charlie Wilson Responds

    Busta Rhymes made headlines at Essence Fest with his fiery outburst against fans on their phones during his performance. The rapper, known for his high-energy shows, expressed his frustration with the lack of engagement from the audience, urging them to put down their devices and interact like humans.

    The video of Rhymes’ tirade quickly went viral on social media, with many users commenting on the empty seats in the audience. However, one user provided context, explaining that a severe rainstorm outside the event may have contributed to the low turnout.

    Despite the backlash, Busta Rhymes stood by his outburst, declaring that he had “zero tolerance for bulls—t energy” and emphasizing the significance of the event as the 30th anniversary of the Essence Festival in New Orleans.

    While some fans may have been taken aback by Rhymes’ aggressive approach, others defended him, noting that he put on an amazing set and that the low turnout was not reflective of the overall experience.

    In contrast, Uncle Charlie Wilson took a more laid-back approach to the issue of phones at concerts, stating that he would rather have fans with cameras out as long as they are having a good time. Wilson emphasized the importance of fans enjoying themselves and partying with him, regardless of how they choose to do so.

    The contrasting reactions of Busta Rhymes and Uncle Charlie Wilson highlight the ongoing debate over the use of phones at concerts and the importance of engaging with the live experience.