Lord Jamar Criticizes Sexyy Red, Accusing Her of Being an Industry Plant

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    Lord Jamar’s Controversial Take on Sexyy Red: Is She an Industry Plant?

    Lord Jamar, known for his unfiltered opinions, recently weighed in on the controversial artist Sexyy Red during an interview with The Art Of Dialogue. The Brand Nubian MC did not hold back, expressing his disdain for the artist and even going as far as to suggest that she is an industry plant.

    In the interview, Lord Jamar criticized Sexyy Red’s talent and appearance, stating that she looks like she smells a certain way. He also firmly believes that she is an industry plant, a term used to describe artists who are artificially pushed by the music industry to achieve success.

    Lord Jamar’s comments are not surprising, as many artists have been accused of being industry plants in the past. However, the debate over the existence of industry plants continues to rage on in the music industry.

    What do you think of Lord Jamar’s take on Sexyy Red? Do you believe she is an industry plant? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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