Rashida Jones Reflects on Complicated Relationship with Tupac, Son of Quincy Jones

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    Rashida Jones Reflects on Relationship with Tupac Shakur: “He Was Family”

    The relationship between Rashida Jones and Tupac Shakur was a complex one, filled with ups and downs. In a recent interview with the New Yorker, Rashida opened up about the tumultuous history between her family and the late rapper.

    It all started with an open letter that Rashida wrote to Tupac in The Source, after he made disparaging remarks about her father, Quincy Jones. Tupac had criticized Quincy for his relationships with white women, which Rashida found disrespectful and ignorant.

    In the letter, Rashida defended her father and the legacy he had built as a Black music legend. She called out Tupac for not respecting the trailblazers who had paved the way for him and questioned his commitment to uplifting his own community.

    Despite the initial tension, the situation eventually resolved itself when Rashida’s sister, Kidada, began dating Tupac. Rashida reflected on the incident, acknowledging her anger and self-righteousness at the time. However, she also noted that Tupac apologized to her and her father, leading to a heartfelt conversation that ultimately brought them closer together.

    Now, 30 years later, Rashida considers Tupac to be family. Their journey from conflict to reconciliation serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of understanding and forgiveness in building meaningful relationships.