Sacramento Teacher Includes Inappropriate Questions on Biology Test

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    Controversy at Luther Burbank High School: Biology Final Exam Includes Racist Questions

    Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento, Calif. is at the center of controversy as biology teacher Alex Nguyen faces backlash for including what many are calling inappropriate and racist questions on a recent final exam.

    According to The Sacramento Bee, Nguyen identified several students by their ethnicities and physical appearances on the test, pairing them up and asking questions about the traits a possible child of these students would have. One particularly shocking question on the exam asked how Black people have influenced other races with their “traits.”

    The question went on to discuss a gene for the “pimp walk” in African Americans and asked what the result would be if two specific students were crossed. Another question made fun of a student for being cross-eyed, using their full name in the scenario.

    Principal Jim Peterson intervened ten minutes into the exam, pulling the test from Nguyen’s classroom. However, Nguyen continued the exam by projecting the questions and having students write their answers on separate sheets of paper.

    District spokesperson Al Goldberg stated that an investigation into Nguyen’s conduct is ongoing and that there were challenges with the grading process due to the test being pulled. The district will evaluate the exams of affected students and address any impact on their final grades.

    Nguyen has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. The incident has sparked outrage among students, parents, and community members, with many calling for accountability and appropriate action to be taken.