Was Megan Thee Stallion’s question on “Family Feud” shady?

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    Controversial Question on “Celebrity Family Feud” Leaves Fans Divided

    On a recent episode of “Celebrity Family Feud,” things took a controversial turn when rapper Megan Thee Stallion was asked a question that didn’t sit well with some fans. Host Steve Harvey posed the question, “Name something you’ve done to your mate’s feet?” to which Megan responded with “massage,” earning the top spot on the board.

    While Megan seemed to take the question in stride, some of her fans, known as the Hotties, were not pleased with the insensitive nature of the question. Given that Megan was involved in a highly publicized incident where she was shot in the feet in 2020, the question struck a nerve with many viewers.

    One fan took to social media to express their disapproval, stating, “They are wrong for that.” Another fan echoed similar sentiments, saying, “The feet question for Megan would’ve had me looking at them sideways fr.”

    Despite the backlash, the show continued on with lighter moments, including Megan humorously responding to another question about something curvy by saying “me.” However, the controversial question overshadowed the fun moments of the show for many viewers.

    While “Celebrity Family Feud” is known for its playful and sometimes risqué questions, this particular moment with Megan Thee Stallion left a sour taste in the mouths of some fans. It serves as a reminder that even in the realm of lighthearted game shows, sensitivity and awareness are key to avoiding potentially offensive situations.